Student Health Advocate Application

Student health is closely connected to the student community. On campus, students influence and are influenced by other students. Student Health Advocates enter the campus community with a commitment to engage others in dialogue about the critical personal, social, and cultural, questions which affect their overall well-being. 

     Health Advocate training provides a learning context to dialogue about the challenges to student health and well-being on our campus. You will gain skills and knowledge about: 

  1. Issues related to good health.
  2. Health within the larger cultural context.
  3. Issues specific to student health at Rutgers-Camden.
  4. Health promotion and intervention techniques.

Training can be received on an individual basis, or as part of the school curriculum for course credit.  If you have questions about becoming a Student Health Advocate, call 856-225-6005, or e-mail

If you wish to become a Student Health Advocate, fill out and submit the following application.  This position is on a volunteer basis, and you would not be receiving payment for your work.