Health Services - General FAQ'S

Health Services - General

Who is eligible to use Student Health Services?

  1. All enrolled full-time Rutgers-Camden students (who are eligible because their tuition fees have paid for use of Student Health Services)
  2. Part-time students who have paid a one-time semester fee in order to become eligible to use Student Health Services. (Please call Student Health office to inquire about fee).
  3. Part-time students who have enrolled into the school insurance program (United Health Care)

Can I e-mail my health care provider?

To help ensure privacy, patients are cautioned against sending sensitive, detailed personal information to RUSHS via regular (non-secure) e-mail.

Please do not e-mail your provider to schedule an appointment or send personal health information. 

Why is my grade/transcript being held?

Grades may be held by the Registrar’s office because of non-compliance with university rules regarding immunizations. Secondly, students owing money to the university may have a hold on their record.